Delivering excellence in global shipping

Honrus Shipping Co., Ltd. is a trusted leader in containerized cargo (FCL/LCL) and break-bulk transportation. We specialize in logistics solutions across Greater China, Intra-Asia, CIS, and Russia. 




Our tailored services prioritize customer satisfaction, providing seamless shipping experiences. With expertise in efficient containerized cargo and reliable break bulk solutions, our professional team ensures your unique requirements are met with care.

Ensuring a secure journey for your cargo

Customized logistics solutions

Our knowledgeable and experienced team will curate tailored logistics plans for your needs in order to mitigate potential risks and safeguard your cargo.

Our extensive range of services include

Liner General Agency

Expert maritime intermediaries managing cargo operations and logistics efficiently

Port to Port Solutions

Comprehensive services for cargo transport between specific port destinations

Full Tracking Capabilities

Real-time cargo monitoring and tracking for complete visibility and control over your shipment

Ship Brokerage

Facilitating ship transactions, connecting buyers and sellers in the maritime industry

International Transshipment

Global cargo transfer hub for efficient distribution to final destinations

Air Freight Solutions

Air Freight Solutions deliver fast and reliable cargo transport via air, meeting urgent shipping requirements

Multimodal Transportation

Seamless movement of goods through various modes like ship, rail, trucks and many more

Railway Services

Reliable rail transport solutions connecting industries and markets efficiently

Container Repo

Container fleet management and distribution services for logistics optimization

Port Forwarding

Streamlined cargo handling and customs clearance services at key global ports

Freight Rate Requests

Swift and accurate quotations for shipping costs to support informed decisions

Survey and Cargo Insurance

Comprehensive cargo inspection
and protection against unforeseen risks

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