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The name Honrus comes from a combination of “Hong Kong” and “Russia”. This combination simply consists of the hometown of the founder and owner of the company being Hong Kong and the company’s original focus market being Russia. Since 1998, Honrus Shipping Company Ltd has been operating within this trade. Nowadays, the company manages and executes transportation not only from Hong Kong to Russia but also from ports from the whole of China to CIS ports and inland destinations, not to mention cooperation with South Korean ports.


Due to the success of the services offered, in 2005 an independent office was established in Shanghai - Honrus Shipping (China) Company Ltd, which became the headquarters for Honrus Shipping today. In order to provide a complete presence throughout China, branch offices were also created in Ningbo, Shenzhen, and Tianjin. As the Hong Kong office is used for administration and accounting purposes. In order to expand services, in 2010 Honrus began to provide airfreight and full tracking serves from main cities in China to major hinterland cities of the CIS and Russia.


Today, the company continues to provide professional services in this trade to both Chinese shippers with cargo to CIS and to CIS forwarders/ Consignees with cargo that require general agency services in China.

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